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February 23, 2011

Nine Questions

A blog I follow had these 9 questions about food. She played "tag your it" and picked 5 blogs to participate in this (my was not one of them but that's not the point and no offense is taken). I didn't even try to check their responses (it wasn't that serious to me) because I had an idea. Why don't I answer those questions right here. Some are directly related to food but some have no connection at all. So this could be fun. Feel free to add any response you may have. This might get interesting.

1. What do you refuse to eat? If I can help it, beets & Brussels sprouts. I WON’T be cooking them anytime soon.

2. What is the most ethnic dish you have ever made? I’ve tried just about any type of ethnic dishes possible. Italian and Mexican food is pretty easy (but at time tedious) to do. I REALLY like to experiment with different styles of BBQ. German food is pretty fun to experiment with (adding a few different spices we use in the USA).
3. Salt or sweet? Salt.

4. What kitchen gadget can you not live without? 8” chef’s knife.

5. Last restaurant you ate at? Taco Diner, a new local place where I live. Dive style tastes but very clean place atmosphere

6. Where would you like to live if you could move anywhere in the world? I’d say either Switzerland or Austria. Both are pretty central to Western Europe. I'd settle for southern Florida, though.

7. What is your blog about? Food- covering just about anything. I cover not only recipes but various videos about how to cook, where to eat (food reviews), products I like, and some reviews on cookbooks.

8. Do you have pets? No.

9. What is the last city you visited? Atlanta. It reminds me of a cleaner and more laid-back version of New York City. VERY nice place to visit. Just don't go very far on foot (ESPECIALLY during the summer).

February 19, 2011

Triple D Comedy

I'm a big fan of Diners, Drive In's & Dives. From the first time I saw Guy Fieri, I KNEW this guy was a keeper because he seemed real. If anyone was right to do this show, he was tailor made to do this. Some episodes are just laugh out loud funny. I decided to take 5 of the funniest spots I've seen here. OK, not anything where I'm offering any cooking advise or the like but at the very least, I'm offering some comic relieve. This show has many of those and I'll feature 5 segments from past shows. The worst thing that could happen is that you'll get some comic relief. That much I promise. Notice that these places, for the most part, are all BBQ places or Southern places.

1. Uncle Lou's in Memphis. All I can say- "corruption" and "sweet spicy love":

2. Fred's Texas Cafe in Fort Worth, Texas. Cowboy chef!!!

3. Gorilla's BBQ in Pacifica, CA. Any place named Gorilla's is worth investigating.

4. Leo's BBQ in OK City, OK. "Much love" in this place.

5. West Virginia's Hillbilly Hot Dogs, featuring "the Homewrecker" hot dog. Me being a Chicago-area native, got a good laugh at this place. Eat it in 12 minutes, you get a free t-shirt. Seriously.

February 13, 2011

The Cooks of YouTube: The Beauty of YouTube Food

OK. This is not exactly what I had in mind. As I watch Daytona 500 qualifying, I played around with my YouTube account and noticed something I thought nothing of. There are SO MANY solid cooks on YouTube and thought some of you might want to take a peek. Listed below are some of the channels I really enjoy. So now, I thought I would let you know about them (in no real order). Along with naming them, I posted one video from that channel. They all are easy to follow and are fun to listen to.

1. Betty's Kitchen. She is retired Math professor. I found her channel a few months ago. So retire from the academic world, become a hobby cook. It must be nice. Great variety here but this channel does have a Southern influence (good stuff).

-taken from "Betty's Kitchen" (

2. The Cajun Wife, also heavily Southern influence (duh) but some great Southern food here. Excellent step by step instruction (as with Betty's Channel). The problem is she hasn't posted a video in quite some time. This is one video I got hungry watching.

- taken from "The Cajun Wife Show" channel (

3. Cooking with Carolyn has a mix of regional foods. I can't say anything about her channel that she hasn't already done so. "My goal is to get you hungry and to get you cooking! Cooking should be fun and something for all to enjoy and take part in!" I think it worked.

- taken from "Cooking with Carolyn" channel ( :

4. The Frugal Chef (aka, Pastryparrot1). OK, I was somewhat a Jeff Smith fan back when. Her channel is pretty similar to Cooking with Carolyn. She covers a wide variety of food. No real emphasis other than trying to save money.

- taken from Frugal Chef (

5. BOW Ds ROCK N ROLL CAFE'. This tends to favor more Italian or meat dishes.
- taken from bowhunter2439 Channel (

6. BBQMyWay Channel is just what it implies and more. Check out the authentic lasagna recipe video. The host (Dave) has a pretty good sense of humor. This is just one example of what he brings to the table. Wireless thermometer? Love it!!

-taken from BBQMyWay Channel (

7. Food Wishes Channel. Chef John is a lot of fun to listen to. He, like the other hosts, are very pleasant to listen too. This guy I think is more a pro than the others I've listed. My goal was to give the hobby chefs the floor, but this guy was too good to pass up. He makes everything seem so eary to do.

- taken from Food Wishes Channel (
(yes, this recipe is a guilty pleasure of mine)

8. Inez' Kockstudio is one of the first channels I found here. She has some great recipes but it also serves another purpose. Her channel helps me refresh my German (since she's German and speaks German in the videos). This might help you as well. For some, this may pose a problem for some. Then again, you may be able to follow by watching the ingredients she uses.

- taken from Inez' Kockstudio's Channel (

This was just a sample of channels I enjoy. I figured some of you may enjoy them as well (if you already don't know about them). Hope to get my camera fixed (or replaced ) very soon. I just have other priorities right now.