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May 3, 2011

The Cooks of YouTube: The Beauty of YouTube Food. Part 2

I just wanted to put up some more stuff I found on YouTube. I've found some VERY good stuff I saw and most of this stuff is easy to do. I decided to post a few more for your enjoyment. I put the video name (followed by the YouTube channel). If you do use YouTube, the channels I've featured are ones I think you'll enjoy.

Still have a busted digital camera. No money to get a new one or get my current one fixed. I have a TON of stuff I want to put here but things haven't worked out yet. More recipes, cookbooks (one in particular), & places I like to go. Hopefully sooner than later I can get this problem solved. Enjoy!!

"Betty's Baked Swiss Cheese Dip" (taken from bettyskitchen). This was pretty easy to do:

I actually did something similar to this and it worked out like a charm. "Strip steak with chunky guacamole salsa" (taken from BBQMyWay)

"How to Make Strawberry Shortcake" (take from LauraVitalesKitchen). This might be a keeper!!!

"Cajun pot roast at the beach" (Louisiana cajun cooking with JB). This guy is PRICELESS (in a good way). TOO FUNNY!!One whole head of garlic- enough said!! if you have YouTube, subscribe to this channel.

"The Difference between Grilling & BBQing" (taken from jakatak69). In case the difference isn't clear....

How to Make Tacos (taken from pastryparrot1). She does a good job with cross referencing with other recipies she did previously. One of these is designed to feed 8 people (or 3-4 of me).

- Chicken (soft shell)

- Beef (hard shell)

"The Magic of Chef Paul- Make your own Chips" (taken from ChefPaulPrudhomme). Chef Paul- what's not to like about him? A quick but solid recipe. I worked with a guy years back who could have been his stunt double.

"Man v Food- Great Steak Challenge at Steak & Main" Baltimore, MD. This REALLY looks good. (taken from TravelChannelTV). This show has become a somewhat guilty pleasure of mine.

Hope this was at least enjoyable for you all. Hope to have ORIGINAL content back soon!!!