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February 4, 2013

Nachos on the Fly

I'm a big fan of Mexican and Tex-Mex food and nachos are very high on my list. Think about it for a second. They're VERY easy to make. You can put just about anything on a nacho platter. Did I mention how good they taste? This is a sample of how easily a plate of nachos can be built. You can do all of it fresh or, as I did here, using leftovers. Really. It works like a charm. As you see by the pictures below, you'll see what I mean.  This will be a pretty short and sweet post. 

First things first. You obviously need tortilla chips. I found these at a local store. The problem is that sometimes a chip can be either too thick, over flavored or just too thin. When I make nachos, I prefer using plain tortilla chips. I think with the toppings you don't really need the extra flavoring. I placed these in the microwave for about 1 minute. I just wanted to warm them up a bit. You'll be amazed what a bad chip can do to a nacho platter. 

Now the next obvious thing is what will you top them with? For this exercise, I used leftovers from a recent lunch. Chicken chili verde and refried beans make the initial layer. I also added some cilantro, garlic and some onions as I put this together. The chicken came from a local market Hot Bar (that's gone up in price almost $1.50/lbs in the last year, but that's another story). Instead of just heating and eating the chicken and beans,  I took this perfect opportunity to make some nachos. 

The finish. I topped it with some sour cream, guacamole (a must in my opinion) and some chopped tomatoes. All done in under 10 minutes and I took my time doing this. Only one mistake here. I forgot to add olives and shredded cheese (actually, the cheese melted in the chili). The olives might have made for some more color on the plate. For this man, no lettuce on this day. That was intentional. One, the lettuce can wilt pretty easily and nothing worse than eating soggy lettuce. This doesn't have to be a rewrite of "War & Peace" at all. See what you can do with some leftovers? You can create a feast fit for a king!! Yes, these turned out perfectly.

This was not a Super Bowl food I ate but I could have used a good nacho platter. If you have some guest pop in or maybe you want a quick snack, a plate of nachos is your answer