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December 22, 2009

My Guilty Pleasures & a Splurge!!!!

Since I am somewhat on a video kick today, I decided to post some showing my guilty pleasures. Some of these are specific to a particular eating establishment but the rest are general. In the future, I'll add some pictures with some of these places and foods I've mentioned.

Italian Beef. I am partial locally to Portillo's, Johnny's, Carm's (when I am near one) to name 3.

Vienna Beef Hot Dogs (no ketchup please). Another good local brand is Daisy's (from the Crawford Meat Company). All the best local places use this brand. From Food Network's "Unwrapped":

Gyros (yee-ros, not gy-ros). Messy but very good. Where I live, a place called Doggie Diner makes a KILLER gyros (Monday is the Gyros & fries special). It's pretty simple- spiced meats, onions, tomato, & a nice yogart sauce. Messy by very good!!!

Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza. It may be a bit heavy for some people. The crust is not as thick on the bottom but is higher on the side crust. You'll see it below, featuring my favorite pizza place, Lou Malnati's. Other fine places include Home Run Inn & Giordano's, but most pizza places around can do a good pizza.

Good Southern Food, creole & cajun. One example locally is Heaven on Seven:

Another is Pricilla's, with a flash of its classic cafeteria style dining:

A nice BIG burrito (I prefer chicken but every now & then, I add steak. Must have sour cream, onions, cilantro, beans, lettuce & hot peppers). This is one example:

Good BBQ- Ribs, Chicken, Brisket, etc:

My splurge- Gibson's. A steak lovers heaven!!! Lawry's, Gene & Georgetti's, Wildfire & the Chicago Chop House are also very good.

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