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December 17, 2009

An Empty Plate to Fill

As you can see, the name of my blog is the Empty Plate Adventures and have covered a few subjects. I haven't done this for long but it has been fun to do.

Now, I wanted to write about something different this time around and will involve an empty plate. It's no adventure but it's something that can be and should be prevented. Hunger. We've heard so much about "giving back", "service" and things of the like especially over the last year. I think we all know better and don't need anyone else to tell you. In fact, most of us have done the right thing all along and didn't need any prodding to do so. We Americans know what good fortune is and will be willing to share with the less fortunate. I've seen figures that at least 12 million children alone in the USA will go hungry. It's even worse on a global scale.

So many people in this country go hungry not to mention those around the world in even worse off than those here. My hope is that for those who can help in anyway, please do so. I'm not talking about going to a soup kitchen (for example) alone. I would say if you can, donate to a local food pantry. There is a need here. There are too many empty plates in the USA (and the world for that matter) for my tastes. Some think that there is nothing they can do. There is something. I would encourage anyone to help fill a plate this Christmas season for those who can't.

Listed below are some organizations I have seen and/or been involved with (via time or donations over the years):
Feed My Starving Children:
Share Our Strength:
Community 4:12:

Have a wonderful & blessed Christmas!!!

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