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December 12, 2009

The Hungry Hound

The Hungry Hound is a weekly segment on a local TV Outlet. I will post some of the segments as I find them interesting. It features places to eat around greater Chicago. Some of the places he has visited I've actually tried previously. Steve Dollinsky is a 12 time Beard winner for his broadcast work and below are just some samples of his segments. The segment, which started in 2006 (after replacing the retiring legend, James "Ciao-Ciao for now" Ward). I will add segments as I find time and interests to do so.

Tacos get upscale treatment (from last night):

Here are some other segments from recent airings:
Build the better burger, aka the "First Fryday". This could harden ateries watching this:

Cuising from around the world:

Wild Game:

An education in beef (good stuff if you don't understand):

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