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April 29, 2010

Serious Double Cheeborger

OK burger fans. Does this look good or what??? THIS is what I call a cheeborger (cheeseburger). Wait a second. My title says it's a double cheeborger (cheeseburger). That's right friends. It is a double. I did it like this

First I took 2 8 oz hand made patties (not sure if I used 95% or 85% lean but that doesn't matter and might have been more than 8 oz) and cooked both (season with the flavors you like. I used salt, pepper, garlic, cayenne, hot paprika, oregano, parsley, and a few other things I managed to forget). Then I grilled onions and after I turned the onion, I splashed some habanero sauce on them.

Lastly, I built it. You can see the top layer- burger, onion, and swiss cheese. The bottom layer separates the top level with onions, swiss cheese, Velveeta, and some salsa (you can’t see the bottom level because the separating level covers it). I didn't have a bun so I used wheat. I topped it all off with Butch's BBQ Sauce (thermonuclear) & Miracle Whip. Served with a pickle (ok, 2 pickles) and a nice handful of chips!!!! As I have said before, you may not get style points here but I PROMISE it will taste good!! So good, I'll put the picture below here too. Getting any inspiration??


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