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April 7, 2010

Chili Man Chili

As I wrote last week, I said I had a few things I was going to add. Did I let you down??? OK. This is about products I like. From time to time, I will create a post on the various food products lines I've consumed and offer an opinion. Chili Man - quick easy chili. That works for me!! Of the store-bough chili products on the market, Chili Man is one I like a great deal. Simple flavors and yes, I add my own touch to it. We all like the quick and easy at times and this is a perfect example. I prefer no beans but they do have a solid product line including a vegetarian chili. This is pretty short and sweet.

How easy is this- the set up. I chopped up some onions, added some garlic (fresh or powder), cayenne pepper and some cheese (I used Velveeta here but any cheese will do the trick). If you have some macaroni, rice or some tasty complement, just pour it over once this has been cooked. If I had some roasted peppers (or something similar), I would add that as well.

I cooked this for about 90 seconds and before you know it.......................

....a nice bowl of tastiness!! I could add more raw onions at this point. I could add some sour cream and salsa. Of course, I would have my bottle of habanero hot sauce close by (that's a given). For the record, I do not work for the company, know of anyone who does, and have no financial interests in Chili Man Chili products.

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