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February 25, 2010

Venison & Pasta

I am a HUGE fan of game, in particular venison, buffalo, elk and ostrich!! What you see here is what my Mom cooked not long ago. If I had time to hunt it or afford to buy it, I would eat game meat exclusively. Health benefits include being low in fat and cholesterol (1). There are some tricks to cooking it. Here’s how I cook game, or at least some suggestions listed below. Most game is a hint sweet compared to regular beef. They all taste enough like beef that you may not notice it's game unless someone told you.

Wild game such as the ones I mentioned are very low in fat. As a result, you will need to add some fat to the meat (depending on what you’re making). When cooking these types of meat, I would suggest using some type of cooking oil (if you’re making a sauce for pasta) such as olive (preferred) or canola oil enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Brown the meat (as you would with any pasta dish) then make the sauce (of your choosing). I would suggest you is mix the game with some beef (not more than 10% meat to 90% game) and then adding water. I prefer the first way most. The meat should cook in about 7-10 minutes when cooking 1 lb of meat.

To me, there is no “special sauce” needed for cooking game for pasta. Use the same sauce you’ve used all along. I personally prefer adding onion, garlic, oregano, salt, black pepper, mushrooms, bell peppers of your choice, and sometimes olives. The amounts of seasoning you use are based off of your personal preference and tastes. I tend to use at least 1 large onion per pound. Remember, just use the pasta sauce you would use with beef. Serve over pasta (as you see here) and enjoy!!

Below are some places where you can find further information about different types of game:
Venison meat:
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Ostrich meat:
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Angie said...

Love deer too, but haven't had it in a while. Where I grew up there were lots of slaughter houses where people took their "kill" to. You could trade part of the deer as payment for the slaughter. So we would go buy the deer meat at the slaughterhouse pretty cheap.

john duncan said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I have a few others as well but they're works in progress.

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