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February 10, 2010

Hungry Hound

These are some segments from the Hungry Hound, WLS-TV Chicago. I really enjoy the weekly segments because I can make note of so many up and coming places to eat. The Greater Chicago has a TON, and is next to impossible to keep up with everything.

Chicago's indoor year round French Market:

The type of cuisine is a bit different where places use the entire animal. Jimmy Banos, Jr. is the chef at the ThePurple Pig, which I have not dined at (yet). Banos' father (seen early in this clip) and uncle are the founders of Chicago legend "Heaven on 7", know for its southern dining.

Speaking of Southern dining, Morrison's Retaurant is joining other legends such as Army & Lou's and BJ's Market, making some very good food. A rarity because all the items are under $9.00. I got hungry watching this. In the event you every come to Chicago, a good reference for where to eat is the Hungry Hound, found on WLS-TV channel 7, Chicago.

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