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July 29, 2012

Fan-sandwich: The Fantastic Sandwich!!!

OK. This post is two fold. First, it to let those who may have seen this blog that I am, in fact, back live again. I plan on being more active in the days ahead. You will see some recent adventures in the days ahead as well. I did use a camera phone so the pictures may not be as nice. Second, it gives me a chance to test my new digital camera that I got last week. The sandwich is not that difficult friends. We all know that!!! But it can take so many different levels from the simple (as you see below) to the more ambitious. So this is what I'll do here. I'll have some fun. I'll build an "ambitious sandwich" based on my simple sandwich you see above (the very one I ate about 3 hours ago).
The sandwich seen above, I would call a bit past simple: roast beef, corned beef, baby Swiss cheese, salad dressing (I prefer Miracle Whip but mayo would work as well), a little garlic and cayenne pepper. I also added some fresh ground pepper for a little extra bite. Normally, I'd add onions and or pickles. Every now and then, I'll add tomato. Now, I'll be a bit more ambitious, which I have done before. First, no change in the meat at first glance. If I want to change, I'd replace corned beef with turkey or REALLY go over the top with duck. Next, I'd consider keeping the baby Swiss cheese but I'd probably consider adding aged cheddar (at least 2 years) or provolone. I could go over the top and add two or all three of them. I'd layer each slice between each piece of meat (similarly to what I did in my featured sandwich) Then I'd create a special dressing (I've done this before and it worked like a charm). I would start with Miracle Whip (you can also use mayo.... I know....duh), mix in garlic, ground habanero, cayenne pepper and if possible, some rendered duck fat. I've added oregano to this as well as ground pepper and a pinch of Kosher salt. Find the measurements to your liking and chill it in the fridge. Then I would add some sliced onion and a good heirloom tomato (I'm most familiar with the Brandywine). I would salt and pepper the tomato as well. Finally, the bread would be a toss-up. I wouldn't use an onion roll since I already have sliced onion. You could do something simple like who grain or rye. I could consider some herb kaiser roll as well. Hey, it's your sandwich. Do what you want with it. So what is your sandwich of choice? So as a legendary musician would say, enjoy every sandwich!!!!

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