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November 29, 2010

OK..... What Next?

I haven't posted anything here recently. There hasn't been much time to cook (something blog worthy anyway), digital camera is still on the blitz (hope to fix that soon) and time has just got away from me. Did I quit this blog? Did I walk away from this? No and no. I've had a wonderful time blogging here and learning from so many other cooks.

So this posts title- OK.....what next? Fair question to those who might be reading (at any point in time), here's what I hope to do:

1. Cookbook reviews. I just found a book on meat but this isn't like any other book. I'm just now starting to digest this book because it has a TON of information (some I didn't know of before). If this is anything like my first glance, this should be a good review. What I can say about the book in question is thank goodness for:
a. gift cards!!!
b. 50% off Thanksgiving weekend discount (thank you Borders for offering the promotion).

2. More adventures (reviews of places and products). I joined Yelp not long ago ( and I've done several reviews of local places. I hope to share more here.

3. I may revisit some subjects I wrote about before but put a different spin on them. Recently, I became a big fan of Create TV. The "American's Test Kitchen" franchise is very prominenet on that network. Some of the things they did were things I knew but quite a bit I didn't know.

4. Be open to what else food-related comes along. This has been a lot of fun and miss not being able to share more here.

My goal is to get back here soon with more stuff. In the event that doesn't happen, I would like to wish anyone who sees this a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Years (I should be back before then) and any other holiday I missed!!!

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