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January 11, 2010

Chicken Wings at Last

I wrote a chicken wing post not long ago so now I decided to add some pictures. This is how I do them, although the spices may vary. First are the spices (here I used garlic powder, cayanne, sage, rosemary, kosher salt, ground black pepper, onion powder, oregano and parsley (I was out of hot papaprika):

Next, I coated each side with the spices I used. I may not use the same spices every time but this gives you an idea of how I liked them. Rosemary works VERY well with wings. Normally, I would line the bottom with aluminum foil to provide easier post-cook cleaning. This particular day, I was out of foil to but decided to keep moving forward (I was REALLY in a wing mood that day). Since the wings were frozen (slightly), I cooked them for about 40 minutes (unthawed would normally take 20-25 minutes) at 350 degrees. This could vary by size of the wings and the producer's suggestions on the instructions. The time and temperature I used were based off the cooking instructions on the chicken wings bag. PLEASE follow all normal handling instructions as it relates to chicken (e.g., it's handling, placing raw chicken on surfaces, etc).

Third, is the wet sauces I used to coat the wings once they finished cooking. You can get your sauce of choice or make one up as I did. I took 2 of my favorite BBQ sauces, hababero sauce, and a touch more oregano, parsley, garlic powder and cayanne. I used enough where I could coat the wings as needed.

After I cooked the wings, I took cooked wings and coated them in my sauce on the fly. Notice I used a metal bowl. You will have better success coating the wings using a metal bowl (especially once the wings come out of the over) because the metal conducts heat. My experiences have shown me that the coating stays on best that way. By the way, I forgot to metion that I placed some sour cream and pecorino- romano cheese in this mixture as well. Toss the wings until each side of the wings are coated.

Finally, the finished product!!!!! Did I mention that style points don't count here!?!? As you could imagine, I ate pretty well that evening (there were more wings , but only some made it to this picture).

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