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October 22, 2009

Intro to the Emply Plate Adventures

So after starting a blog on general things (in other words, what I felt at the time), I did notice one thing. I did not realize how many blogs I followed were food-related. So what did I do? I decided to do one myself. Food. You can't live without that. I noticed that many food blogs tend to be more high-end/gourmet and others more on the lines of quick and easy. This one should be somewhere in the middle. Will I mention what I cook? I think it's a safe bet that I would.

As a view of the Food Network since 1994, it has become a guilty pleasure of mine when I can watch it. There are some episodes and shows I like a great deal (Triple D being one that I am especially fond of) and as I find clips I enjoy, I will post them here. I might even post an article I noticed or even mention a different blog writer if I see something I like. Another channel is Create TV (there are some very good shows there as well). One thing is that you will not see anything relating to fish or seafood because I am allergic to them (deathly allergic to shellfish). This should be a lot of fun to do.

So now comes the title. What's the best way to make a chef or cook happy? Make sure your plate is empty when you're through eating. Only non-edibles (e.g., bones, etc) should be left on the plate. In fact, an old saying holds true that says an empty plate is a good sign. An empty plate is a great compliment to the chef or cook who prepared it. So here the journey starts. You may see what I like and dislike food-wise. I may not know what direction this thing will go, but it's worth a try to find out (especially if someone would be crazy enough to pay me to do it). For the record, I am not in the food business and am not professionally trained chef. I open my pantry or fridge and I make something. I go out, look at the menu, order and eat. Pretty simple I would say. Eating sometimes can be an adventure, especially if it's a place or type of food you may not be familiar with. Goodness knows I have enough and will share them in the days ahead. This blog will be written one empty plate at a time. This should be fun to do.

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